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I have been a secretary for many years, working at Director and Partner level, as well as other levels.

I have been a legal secretary for over 20 years and Client Confidentiality is Paramount to my Business.

If your secretary is ill, on holiday or on maternity leave, do you have cover for her on these occasions? Do you like paying the high charges that the Employment Agencies charge you?


I can help you out on these occasions by taking your work, either through digital dictation or handwritten work being sent to me by e-mail at my office or, if the need arises and within reason, to come into your office to help you out.

Fielding Telephone Calls

Are you a self-employed one-man/woman business owner? What happens when you go on holiday? Do you take calls on your holiday, thus spoiling it for you and your family/friends?

I can help you with those business calls. All you need to do is to forward your work phone to me, I will field the calls and take detailed messages, and send you an e-mail with the message. That way you can have a more relaxed holiday with your family/friends, not worrying about incoming calls and only respond to urgent e-mailed messages.

Please call me for details of pricing for this service.

Audio/Digital Dictation

Do you ever use Digital Dictation to get your work typed up by your secretary or a secretary in a typing pool? Do you have to do your own typing and would much rather dictate so that you can get on with more important things?

I can help you there! I have digital transcription mechanism at my office (Olympus DSS Standard) as well as an analogue playback machine (physical tapes).

Digital dictation can be sent to me by e-mail and I will pick it up and transcribe the work for you, proofread the work and return it to you by e-mail as a Word document.

An hour’s worth of dictation will take me approximately 3 hours to transcribe. This is dependent upon clarity and content. It will take longer if there are extraneous noises that interfere with the clarity of the dictation, such as a telephone ringing next to the person dictating or other noises (no audio tapes from meetings/interviews).

An hour’s worth of conversation (where people are interrupting each other and not very clear can take anything up to 10 hours or more to type up.

The clearer the tape, the easier it is for me to type up the work and get it back to you in a reasonable time-scale.


• Letters/Memos/Estimates/Quotations/Invoices

I can help you out with all these documents. All you need to do is to let me have your templates, which will be saved, and then let me have, by e-mail either in audio format or handwritten format, what you would like me to type up on these documents. I will then return them to you in Word format so that you can send them out or, if you wish, I could sign them on your behalf and send them out for you.

• Reports

If you have any reports that you wish to be typed up, together with colour photographs, I am able to type up your reports, print them and the colour photographs and bind these, ready for posting to your client(s). I have a comb binder and the reports will have a clear plastic front and a hard card backing.

Please ask for further details.

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