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Business Cards – Excel/vCards

How many business cards do you collect? I know that every time I go to a networking meeting, I collect business cards. These cards take up room. How would you like to get rid of them, by sending them (or copies) to me so that I can either put them on an Excel spreadsheet or put them on Outlook and send you a file with all your contacts as vCards? I can type these in most European languages. Cost per 50 (just English) = £40.00, Foreign languages take longer – cost per 50 = £50.00.


Business manuals/Health & Safety Manuals/Tendering Manuals. Do you, as a company, have any of these that really need updating because they are out of date? If you let me have your old manuals, together with the updates, I can get these sorted out for you. They will then look professional and above all, without errors in them.

Private and Confidential Documents

If you work for a company and need to have private and confidential documents typed up, where no-one can open them, you can let me have your digital dictation, as a voice file, by e-mail or send me a physical tape for me to transcribe. You can also scan a document to me in hand-written form and I will type up these documents. I will password them and then call you to give you the password so that only you can open the documents. Client confidentiality is paramount to my business and, at your request, once you are happy with the document, I will erase it from my computer.

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