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Woolcock Typing Services offers an outsourced secretarial service, at low cost with no need to use the services of an employment agency or a full or part-time secretary and thereby saving costs. You only pay for the time I spend on your work. Please have a look at my web site to see how I can help you in your business.

As Raw Business Magazine’s outsourced proofreader, I proofread the articles that were published. I began with Issue 12.

When the articles were sent to me in pdf format, I read through them, checking firstly for spelling and punctuation. There were times that the wrong word had been typed, but because it was a proper word, the spell-check did not pick it up. I checked that a correct word had been typed – occasionally the root of the word was correct, but the ending was wrong.

I also checked for continuity and consistency, i.e. bullet points and numbering with either a full stop, comma or semicolon at the end of the bullet point, with a full stop at the end of the last one. I also checked the layout of bullet points and numbering.

I looked at the layout and made suggestions on where it could be improved, i.e. that it would look better set out slightly differently. I checked that there was, or ought to have been, a line space between paragraphs and that the lines of the paragraphs followed each other and did not start a new line where they should not. I made sure that well known phrases were the right way round.

I also checked for ambiguity. Sometimes what the contributor had put down could be taken two ways. When advising the Editorial Team, I put down both ways and asked that they check with the contributor. It was best to check it out so that there was no ambiguity.

With consistency, I made sure that if a word was used many times, that it was spelled the English way and that it did not change to the American spelling.

I checked that any photos did not have words across them that indicated that they had been copied from somewhere. On checking tables, I checked that they had been set out neatly and made any suggestions.

Once the article had been checked, I then e-mailed the amendments to my contact in the editorial team for the amendments to be carried out.

All the above I consider as basic proofreading. What I will not do with these articles is to alter them to such an extent that they then do not belong to the contributor.

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