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My name is Gillian Woolcock and I am the owner of Woolcock Typing Services. Not only do I do copy typing, but having been a secretary to Directors and Partners, as well as other levels of staff, for the past 40+ years, I have a vast experience in different types of work, from transport, insurance, building, report typing and legal documents.

I pride myself that my work looks professional and is turned around in as short space of time as possible, dependent upon the length of work.

For the last 20+ years, I have been a legal secretary, therefore Client Confidentiality is Paramount to my Business.

Being an outsourced secretary, I am able to work from my office or, if within reason, can work at your premises. I work on my own in my office.

I am able to cover for secretarial illness, holidays or maternity. I am also able to take your overflow work, thereby releasing your secretary from being tied up in a long document, to get on with other, more important work, in the office.

I am able to transcribe from audio – digital or analogue and get the work back to you within a reasonable time-scale.

What about when you go on holiday? Do you still work whilst on holiday, spoiling it for yourself, your family/friends? I can field your calls, take detailed messages and send you an e-mail with the message so that you only have to answer any that are extremely urgent.

Please look at all my headings (buttons) to see further information.

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