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"Dear Gill

Thank you for the great work you did in typing up these terms & condition and then doing the extra work on the logo.

Trevor Clein
TRE Compliance Ltd"

I received a PDF of a client’s Terms of Business which needed changing.  Having cut and pasted it into a new document, I adjusted margins and numberings to read correctly and look professional.  Some amendments that the clients wanted me to make were made and the document was sent back to the client.  Upon receipt of the amended document, I re-adjusted the numbering and put into 2 columns, ensuring that headings were kept with the rest of the relevant text and sent back to the client.  The client came back, in a bit of a panic, saying that someone in his office had put the logo and address on the document and the whole thing had been mucked up.  I took the logo and address off, used my good copy, reduced the logo and address and replaced it in the header of the document – submitting to the client a perfect document for him to use.



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