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Fast, friendly and professional


Client confidentiality is paramount to my business.

What do you do if:

a) Your secretary has rung in sick and will not be back until the following week?

b) She has gone away on holiday for a fortnight?

c) Or gone on maternity leave?

d) What happens if you have an overflow of work that needs to be done extremely quickly and you have no spare secretary?

What do you do? Do you go to an agency and pay agency fees? NO, you come to me to help you out.

This can be done either by me going to your offices (within the London Area) or you can send the work to me by e-mail. You can let me have a scanned document to copy type. Or, by using digital dictation, I can transcribe (type up) your tape and let you have the work back in Word format.

Contact Details

29 Clement Road

07910 642536

Call today

So, for help with legal documents, Expert Witness documents or surveys, or any other typing in Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon and Greater London, make sure that you call me today on 07910 642 536

Alternatively, you can send a message via the form above and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Fast Turnaround

I offer an extremely fast turnaround on all work, which is proofread before return. I specialise in legal documentation. Whether you need some letters typed up, or help with specialist legal documentation, make sure that you get in touch with me. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

About Me

I have been a secretary since 1973, working at Director and Partner level.

I have been a legal secretary since 1991, working at Partner and Senior Partner level and client confidentiality is paramount to my business. Anyone using my services can rest assured that what I do for them will be in total confidence. As a legal secretary, I know legal jargon.

I can speak a couple of languages English – mother tongue, Spanish – almost mother tongue. Dictation can be sent to me in either analog form (physical tape) or digitally, by e-mail. I will transcribe the work and sent it back in Word format by e-mail.

What you pay for

Your work being turned around quickly and accurately. All work is proofread before return. Integrity and confidentiality. A good working ethic. My working time. Above all, the release of your secretary to do more important business in your Company, or a better work-life balance and peace of mind knowing that your work will be turned around quickly.
Charged on an hourly basis, but broken down into 15 minute segments.